Who Plays Glasto this year? MUD

Wellies, Mud, Rain, Junk Food, Beer... all this is true.
Good music is true too.
And in my opinion this is the festival, the original English/hippy/rock one.

Don't worry about what to wear, you can have everything there, boots included.
Just be prepared to walk a lot, and to never sit.

All your efforts will be rewarded.

sunny sunday @ The Other Stage

5.The Other Stage

Tipis area @ The Park

vintage corner

5.The Best Burritos

Wellies + Mud

flower + hair

girls @ The Press Area

sun + mud

3.Tara + Tuborg


Amazon Coupons said...

I have never play the Glasto but after seeing this post i want to play this and learni about this.I think dresses use in this post are awesome.

Mary Jane said...

It looks like you did enjoy the mud and the event

fun flip flops

jewelry in China said...

it is right that you DON'T need to WORRY ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR

Isabella Jarsmer said...

This look's like a very cool event, where is it?

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Soo cool pictures! as always!! <3<3

MT said...

I am really jealous of u. Its seems that u Maybe we can follow each other :)?
/have a great time there :).

Ragazza said...

Ur blog is awesome. Great photos and u go to my fav :).
What do u think about following each other :)?
Visit me :)

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Awesome picture. really appreciated. thanks for sharing with us.

perfect like paris said...

XX Sandrine

vanillachic said...

cool series of pictures. looks like it was a lot of fun!


chibiwow said...

Whoa festival in mud sounds fun. Really wet and wild celebration with your boots. Cool. :D

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MEG said...

are U there?????

Lily said...

Party still continued even if there's mud... great celebration! :)

Indiantag said...

The pictures are amazing and awesome..I can imagine who you all enjoyed over there..

Carol said...

Your blog is great!!! I have one also, from Los Angeles www.thegavlaks.com

Mileide Almeida said...

amazing festival...love pics!!

Tri Haryadi said...

I just know it after reading your post here. Uhmm, I think that mud games pretty amazing. I wish i could try this someday. Thanks for the share. Your post truly amaze me.

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CHIARA said...

The photos impressing me so much.
fantastic dirty style


Zoi said...

Probably this is so nice to participate in Glasto. All posted outfits are awesome! Especially i love the RED heat and round red designer sunglasses on one Lady. Thanks for the great shots!!

cosplay costumes said...

Sounds like a wonderful event!I haven't seen this before!Everyone looks so happy!

youdresssanimpress said...

Crazy! children of the sun, love the atmosphere!

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So beautiful and amazing pics. great collection.
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I never play Glasto but I wish to play this game because seeing your awesome pictures i will try to playing this game.in your post forth picture are very amazing the girls.

Jessica Buurman said...

Nice Pic.


Tyler Thursby said...

Awesome site! Hope you can take some time to scope out my street fashion blog.

Sanjay Sawant said...

It looks like muddy event.thanks for sharing such nice pics.

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Marriage Experts, India said...

Awesome Pictures... As Always...Keep on sharing such Stuff... :)

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Amol said...

Nice event<peoples looks enjoy by playing in mud.perfect pictures keep updating more events like this.

Estudo Bíblico said...

seria melhor se fosse para jesus!!


Lauren said...

gorgeous colorful photos! Love the red laundry hanging on the line!

Lauren at adorn la femme

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