Silvia Bergomi

me @ griffith park


I'm Silvia and I currently live in Milan.

I am a freelance stylist.

I love to photograph.

I collaborate with magazines, blogs, projects and people.

I am PR and fashion consultant for a fashion brand.

Plastic Choko was born in March 2007. Since then many things have changed.. I started with a friend taking pictures at parties. The aim is now fashion, good pictures too!

I am not a professional, but photography is like a drug (all the images in this blog are taken by me).

I also started to select music for parties and event..


Le sartù said...

Ciao Silvia, complimenti per le foto!
Io ho appena lanciato il mio blog e anch'io amo fare foto ma sono ancora mooolto indietro..spero di evolvermi presto;-)
Se vuoi dare un'occhiata ti lascio il link:
Ci occupiamo anche di lifestyle, mostre d'arte ecc..Abbiamo voluto cercare di differenziarci dall'universo dei fashion blogger..vedremo se riusciremo nell'intento!
Un bacio

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