James F. Goldstein, (born in 1943) is a multi-millionaire "NBA superfan" who attends over one hundred NBA games each season (typically in courtside seats), including approximately 95 percent of home games for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. He also travels from city to city to catch games, especially during the NBA Playoffs (and not necessarily Lakers and Clippers playoff games). He also frequently attends post-game press conferences. Unlike some other "super fans," however, Goldstein is content to simply observe the games and enjoy them, without yelling at referees or taunting players. He claims to have no favorite team, in spite of his Lakers and Clippers season tickets. He describes himself as a fan of the NBA in general. His unique and flamboyant clothing makes him fairly easy to spot on television.

He loves fashion too, for this reason he always attends the world fashion weeks and every catwalks. I photographed him in Milan during the last one, at the beginning of March.

Goldstein refuses to disclose how he made his fortune or his net worth, although the Wall Street Journal speculated that Goldstein made billions in real estate (notably Century City in Los Angeles). [5] When asked, he typically responds, “Let’s just say I had some investments that worked out pretty well." He reportedly spends in excess of six figures on travelling to and attending NBA games. "I try not to think about the cost," he said. "It's worth it to me".