Interview with Katya Gaydukora



Interview with Katya Gaydukora @ Ermanno Scervino backstage

model Whynot agency

Hi Katja, where are you from? I'm from Vladivostok, a city in the Far East Russia.

What's your age? 19

Where do you live? In Paris.

What's your favorite fashion week? Absolutely Milan!

Where would you love to live? Vladivostok

How many catwalks do you have today? 4

the last concert you have been to? Beyonce

Tell me the first musician that comes to your mind.. Justin Timberlake

What do you normally eat for breakfast? Milk, muesli and coffee.

Do you like to cook? What' s your specialty? I do love cooking! Borsh is my dish: it’s a Russian soup, very famous in my country, and delicious!!

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