Guest Wardrobe n°1 : Dafne

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From the American continent.
Dafne Delgado grew up in a different way: born vegetarian surrounded by Mexican tacos and USA fast-food, studied in an American school in Mexico. After some years of changing from business to graphic design, she realized that her true calling was the Art of Create Clothing. Mother a Yoga teacher, who proudly showed her Latin roots, after absorbing the magic from that young and colorful continent she moved to Italy from North Mexico by her own.

She launched and produced her brand 1st Act with the first collection Spring-Summer 2008, for sale at Wok-Store in Milan. Creating handmade and unique designs from new and recycled fabrics such as vintage and the reconstruction of them, offers a new system of consuming. Since child loves to play dressing real people: Men & Women that are tired of wearing uniforms. Expressing herself and been aware by the worldwide issues.
The Most: Enjoy life and Music…

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Ashley said...

I really like the first look.


bronze chandelier said...

The pics are great.

teo said...

"There was a girl who talked to geese
She understood them and they her
One day she looked into a crystal stream
And saw in its bed a diamond
She picked it up and placed it in her hair
As she did so she turned into a geese
It was then revealed that the other geese
She magically had understood
Were once human like her." Cocorosie


Ana Sofia said...

Daffy! Te ves relinda, y que me han encantao tus diseños. Felicidades!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her design, very simple yet oozes styles. I especially love the bag. How can I get it? I would like to feature Dafne in my blog too, is there anyhow I can contact her? As I don't have a myspace account. My email is edmondwei@yahoo.com. I welcome all new designers who wish to have showcase their talents to the world.

Mauricio said...

hey felicidades que sigan los exitos..saludos.

Anonymous said...

boring look
bad taste.


Anonymous said...

"Boring"? jajajaj.. ok, see you no more, cunt.

silvia said...

Variety is the spice of life !!

ed hardy lady long sleeve said...

oh wow the headpiece is beautiful!

Very ethereal!


Anonymous said...