Guest Wardrobe n°2: Miss Whisky


Kim Hwi Suk is a Korean girl born and grown up in Osaka, Japan.

Although her family is originally from South Korea, her nationality is North Korean.

The thing she loves the most is to talk with dresses, communicate with wardrobe. Last night she was a super MANGA character, today she's Edith Bouvier and tomorrow she will be Rock'n'Roller....



Where do you currently live?

I live in Milano since 2005

How old are you?

25 years old

What do you do?

I am a Fashion Stylist & Graphic Designer for Fiorucci. I am the Milano coordinator for "SPUR" and other Japanese Fashion Magazines.

When did you start this career? Why?

In 2006. Fashion, simply, is what I feel and love.

I believe that I have good taste, huh?!

Which cities inspire you most?

More than cities, historic periods inspire me: I love the 20's, 30's, 40's and 80's.

But of course I do love Paris.

Where would you like to be in the next three years?

In Paris. Or in Seoul, which I think is experiencing a huge development in fashion right now.

A style advice:

Styling is the most important thing!!!!!! Styling must coordinate everything.



Tell me an example to follow and one to avoid..

Follow health first of all. Not only physical health, also and or more the mental one.

Health brings the stable dream and let you catch the chance, it takes you to success.

Don't smoke. Absolutely no drug at all.

Health is really the first thing.

I avoid all things that hurt me (laugh): bad contacts, rudeness, discrimination etc.

A fashion brand that you normally wear..

I really mix everything, I love all: high brands, vintage, local brands.

I sometimes wear kids dresses too!!! (laugh)

It's impossile for me to buy whatever I want, but I try to wear "good-dresses": the design and the quality are fundamental.

I enjoy wearing Dior Homme, Comme Des Garcons, Balenciaga T-shirts.

I don't wear too much graphic-printed garments, I care the quality and its detail design on T-shirts.

I love to wear a Ferragamo gold neckless, which has 4 historical shoes pendants, my favorite one!

Vivienne Westwood, Dries Van Noten, Cheleste are some designers that I adore..

Oh, at all, shoes are really important!! I wear Sergio Rossi, Miu Miu, John Galliano, Marni. (My problem is foot size.. 34-35!!! It's not always easy to find the perfect shoes)

Who is your favourite designer?

Sonia Rykiel and CHANEL, for their atmosphere and sensibility.

Last concert you have been to?

I think it was a japanese singer, in Japan last summer.

Do you cook?

Somehow (laugh).

I love to eat asian food.

Unfortunately I do not like Italian food very much, it's too salty for me.

Your favoutrite brunch?

French crepes.



10 songs:

1: My favorite thing

from The film "The Sound of Music"

2: Volevo un gatto nero


3: Santa Baby

Marilyn Monroe

4: Many classic moments

Globe (Japanese)

5: Pathetique sonata

Beethoven (classical piano music)

6: Waltz op.69 no.2

Chopin (classical piano music)

7: Wannabe

Spice girls

8: Dakishimetai (wanna hold you)

Mr.Children (Japanese)

9: Arabesques

Dobussy (classical piano music)

10: the 30s songs

(her favourite album is "1932", a time to remember the classic years)