Guest Wardrobe n° 7 : Marta Stella

Marta is a young fashion journalist. She writes in a realistic way and she loves true journalism. She is from Liguria, in her spare time she gardens and collects insects.




Where are you from?

I was born in Loano, a little place on the sea of the Italian Riviera, in Liguria

Which is the more memorable party you have attended to?

I think the Undercover Aftershow party during Pitti, last summer. Seeing the Boboli Gardens opened exclusively at night, illuminated only by candles with a lawn overlooking over the city of Florence: amazing night. Like the wine, moreover:)

What's the best aspect of your work?

Knowing and discovering new things every day as well as meet many different people with different backgrounds, life, work and projects. And running around for fashion weeks, sure!

And the worst?

The desire to know too much, and the knowledge that you cannot ever know everything.

How do you see yourself this summer?

In front of some sea with books, magazines and no sounds. I'm dreaming about Bali..

A song phrase that you love?

"It's real early morning, no-one is awake, I'm back at my cliff..Still throwing things off" , Hyperballd, Bjork

What irritates you most?

Pretentious people without any quality

A name


3 movies

- Lost in traslation, Sofia Coppola

- Manhattan, Woody Allen

- Volver, Pedro Almodovar

A sky channel

Fox Life



A model to inspire

Every strong and feminist woman

A recipe

Pumpkin and carrots soup, accompanied by bread and grilled sole fish with lemon

A drink


Your perfect city

I'm still looking for my perfect one

Your favourite magazine

Vanity Fair

A cartoon character


What is the last thing you normally do before sleep?

Drinking an herb tea

Do you like the clouds?

Yes, but only when I have time to stop and looking at them

Describe Liguria with 3 words...

Green, like the field of olive oil, blue like the sea. And white, like my old house.

Two meetings to remember in 2009?

Manolo Blanhik and Steve McCurry. Such a different meetings, but amazing moment!





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