Drodesera Festival and Me

This summer I had the pleasure to collaborate with the Drodesera Festival, one of the most renowned performing art event in Italy.

Inside the spaces of the beautiful Centrale Fies (a still working power plant), in Dro near Trento, from July 23rd to August 1st, resides this neuralgic center of avant garde creative play.

I was invited to exhibit some pictures in the foyer area (soon the images of the set).

For now, have a look to the Video Trailer of the festival, with all the portraits I took of the artists...


This is a little video preview I filmed during the performance of Teatro Sotterraneo (http://www.teatrosotterraneo.it/)

"5 episodi intorno alla fine della specie"

and the postcards of the festival...

Immagine 6

Immagine 5

Immagine 3