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Welcome back "Guest Wardrobe"...

Fabiana Fierotti and Rebecca Larsson are best friends.
BlogBloodyBlog is their blog.
They are delicious girls and they both love "Amaro Braulio".

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What do you do and where are you from?

Fabiana: I was born in Palermo, Sicily. I live now in Milan, I am fashion director and stylist for PIG MAGAZINE.

I also work as freelance; I recently wrote an interview for "L'Uomo Vogue", out now, January issue :)

Rebecca: I'm a "multitasker" but I actually work at RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses, where I take care of marketing and distribution, and I'm also part of the creative team. I was born in Stockholm but grown up in Viareggio, a small city on Tuscany seaside.

How did you know each other?

F: I met Rebecca at PIG. She came months ago for an internship in the fashion team. During the first days I thought she was so nasty and snob, but she is now one of my best friends!

R: truth is that it wasn't love at first sight ahahaahaha

Why do you love fashion? Why do you think it is so attracting, especially now, especially in the blog era?

F: I was 8 years old when I spoke for the first time about journalism and fashion. I was looking at my mom and saying: "When I 'll grow up I want to be a journalist and I want to win the Pulitzer Prize, wearing a long red classic dress by Valentino". From then my only purpose was to make it happen. Ok, maybe not the Pulitzer and maybe not the long red Valentino, but moving to Milan was the perfect choice to become a fashion journalist. Now that I am here, things are not so easy; my greatest pride will be make it with my own hands. I think that fashion today is going to be more and more in the hands of those that until now were the "outsiders": bloggers, for example, are now an influencial voice to listen to. That's why Rebecca and I decided to have our own blog,

R: Fashion is like an extension of my personality, it can perfectly represent my kind of mood. There are 1000 different ways to express fashion, everyone can be a trend setter in it's small own world. There are lots of fashion blogs, all different, with their own style and their exclusive identity; that's the point, and that's why at the end you can't follow just one, but you visit randomly your favorite selection.

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What is the best place you have been to?

F: Uhm... I always tend to be very attached by Sicily, for this reason I would say Lampedusa, a small island closer to Africa than to Italy :) I spent there the most incredible summers of my life. You have to go there, it's magical. And the sea is just perfection.

R: It's really hard for me to answer to this question, I'm that kind of person that gets excited for everything new. If I may say, I have a real passion for nordic countries: Berlin and Stockholm are my favorite cities.

Where did you spent your Christmas holiday?

F: In Palermo, of course. My beloved hometown. I don't like Christmas that much, but it was a good chance to stay with my old friends and eat eat eat :)

R: I went to Malaysia and Thailand with my family. I spent almost every Christmas holiday there. This year was even more exciting because my friends came too!

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What do you think about the actual magazine worldwide scene?

F: As I said before, I would like to see more PIG MAGAZINEs around, and less Glamours. The situation is fortunately changing. I Love You, Lula, Baby Baby Baby, Contributor Magazine, Love Magazine, The End: these are some examples of what a nowadays magazine should be.

R: Printed magazines have today a deeper value then in the past: they' re real collection pieces. Most of the times, when you buy a printed copy, it's because you really want it in your personal archive.

What is the last thing you bought?

F: Vintage clothes for sure. It's a kind of obsession. If I run into a vintage shop I can't ignore it; I absolutely have to go in and buy at least one thing. That's part of my style.

R: A pair of red suede Superga platform.

Suggest some places you like..

F: Genova. It's amazing.

R: I have travelled a lot since I was a child, with my parents, but I haven't seen so many places in Italy. This summer Fabiana invited me to Palermo, I totally felt in love with Sicily: the food, the sea, people, the buildings, everything is amazing. Sicily is now my new obsession. I joke with Fabiana all the time: "I truly feel more sicilian than you!"

And some cooking advices..

F: Oh, yes, that's my thing. I love to cook, I am sicilian, I would be a monster If I didn't. The last thing I made it's the "Bianco Mangiare" with pistacchi di Bronte, a typical Christmas dessert.

What you need in the kitchen is a lot of fantasy and a bit of experience. My grandmother made this possible: she teached me everything.

R: I'm very bad at cooking, the crazy thing is that my mum is a chef! Neverthless, I'm pretty good in preparing breakfast, everyone says that my scrambled eggs are delicious: I add cheese, salt, pepper and some milk... secret is to cook them just a little, they must be fluffy!

A soundtrack for the morning?

F: I am obsessed by Lucio Battisti. He is one of my favorite singers... a morning song should be "La Luce dell'Est".

R: "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette

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Klara said...

Very seventies! Both the style of the photos and the clothes. Juergen Teller is that you? Haha. I love the Acne see-through pants and that lovely patterned sheer blouse!!