L.A. People

This post is about them...
As I always carry my camera with me, it was inevitable (and my pleasure) to take pictures of the people I met..
These are different moments, places and nights.

LA People 1
"Virgen De Guadalupe" mexican religious celebration

LA People 10
Myspace founder private party on the Hollywood Hills

LA People 4
clubbing in West Hollywood

LA People 13
hip hop dancers in downtown L.A

LA People 3
a break during Dj Spinna & J-Rock live set @ Echoplex, in Silver Lake

LA People 8
Someone 's private party @ Downtown L.A

LA People 11
dancefloor on Hollywood Boulevard


Kenneth Copeland said...

Looks so much fun! Great pictures!

klara.mitteregger said...

awesome pictures! cool nights