Dumbo in Rome

"Dumbo Gets Mad" is a blossoming psych rock project out of Italy. It’s a solo venture, and surprisingly so. Rarely does a single person sound this engaging and dynamic.
“Plumy Tale” is the only song to released thus far, and it displays some undeniable taste. The opening sax and organ are a schmaltzy stroke of genius, while the chorused vocals call back to ’60s without shame. Chimes, electronic squawks, and other noises fill the mix as the drums keep things moving to a dirty groove" cit. Antony Fantano from The Needle Drop

so proud of my brother Dumbo!!!

read the article on Grazia.it

and peek a little video I filmed during the live debut in Rome, @ Circolo Degli Artisti...truly an honor as a first gig venue!


papa boys s
The Band.
From left, standing: Carly (voice & maracas), Lollo (drums).
Sitting: Benjamin (synth), Luchy (voice & guitar), Skarfo (bass)
+ papa boys in Rome, via dei Sediari

Luchy pc
Luchy aka Dumbo

Carly pc

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nice pics!!!
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