At Vernice Biennale, June 1, 2, 3, Venice

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Arriving in Venice is always a bit 'weird. Every time I wonder how they can hold those houses, the foundations were built on ground so unstable, the water line is like thirty centimeters below the height of the windows. Then I remember the Visigoths and the Longobards invasions, and the fact that the city was the capital of the Venetian Republic, and that every years welcomes a crazy number of people ... even if my question remains in part unresolved, its historical roots confort me.

Moving around without losing yourself in the maze of streets, bridges and "campi" is quite challenging; an iPhone in my bag is not enough, Google Maps misfires and people know that giving information is often a futile effort...
But everybody is very kind, always. And the atmosphere created during the inaugural days of Biennale is something rare.

Of course, the frame is more than ever chic and elegant. People are all mixed up, smiling to each other "scenario". Brilliant minds and beautiful architectures are everywhere!

Travelling by boat is what it is, you need to be patient, or rent a private boat. By the way, all the efforts are amply rewarded when you enter into the gardens of Biennale: aesthetic details of every single pavilion reveal the characteristics of the nations they represent; sometimes you can see a glare between the trees, which means "sea ​​beyond the hedge".

Walking through the gravel paths is easy to run into an athlete, who trains on an overturned tank. Entering the adjacent American pavilion you can attend the performance of professional gymnasts, exercising on some worn first class seats from American Airlines; you can even listen to the harmonious notes of an ATM/organ, happy for a transaction: this is the creativity of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Puerto Rican duo, representing the United States.

Austria is austere and elegant, as always. The work of Markus Schinwald is one of my favourite: through various techniques, ranging from painting to experimental film, he examines the human body, destabilizing the 'internal space", suggesting some kind of research to the visitors.

And then France, Korea, Japan, Sweden, England ...

Video-art is completely charming! You can get lost in stories of a dancing Obama in a sunny square, just in front of the "Queen Sofia" Museum in Madrid, video-opera by Martin Sastre. Absolutely you must admire "The Clock" by Christian Marclay, capable of create a narration taking images from many film.. Omer Fast, Israeli artist, enchants with breathtaking footage from a helicopter, a prelude to the same story, developed by changing internal parts every time. The list could continue!

Without realizing it, in a moment you are in a room where people are becoming the opera, thanks to the clay of Norma Jeane, "nom de plume" behind a man. It's funny to be photographed next to self-portrait from Cindy Sherman, or to admire a huge sculpture inspired to "The Rape of the Sabine Wome" from sixteenth century, recreated in wax by Urs Fisher, the statue is in fact a huge candle, and it is melting (the label on the wall defines the size of the work as "variables").

A special mention to Regina Jose Galindo, from Guatemala: she exhibited her rotten gold teeth, pulled out by an European dentist, to report the futility of tangible things and the metaphor of South America colonial plunder

Within such a large concentration of quality, it's almost embarrassing to visit the Italian pavilion, rightly criticized and criticized.
But we host the Biennale, it is good enough, isn't it?
Fortunately, I run into Rick Owens and his wife, and thanks God that Italy is also represented by Maurizio Cattelan and Monica Bonvicini, just to mention two names. The moral rises up!

Negative note for the party anxiety, which can be harmful. Although, to be honest, it's a sin not to attend when you have boats events, parties on mysterious islands or in magnificent palaces, inevitably ending up in the halls of Bauer Hotel or at chic "Bungalow 8".
Competitions, silent challenges, psychotic dramas, fake work-related stress, superfluous eccentricity, exaggerated exhibitionism... these arguments are out here! People talk in a totally easy way. Nothing like "OMG, I am so tired, I had a shooting today, I am exahusted... you can't understand!", or "This city is so boring, I deserve more"...

Truly inspiring, I feel better

Fia Backstrom _Windows, Trees and Inbetween_, Interno del padiglione svedese, Giardini della Biennale

Fia Backstrom "Windows, Trees and Inbetween", inside of the Swedish Pavillon, Giardini della Biennale

Facciata del Padiglione Greco, Giardini della Biennale
Facade of the Greek Pavillon, Giardini della Biennale

Entrata dei giardini della Biennale

Entrance of "Giardini della Biennale"

Ayşe Erkmen  _Plan B_, Arsenale, padiglione turco, opera commissionata dalla FIAT

Ayşe Erkmen "Plan B", Turkish Pavilion, work commissioned by FIAT, inside Arsenale

Abramovich yacht, the biggest in the world, 105 metres

Abramovich yacht, the biggest one in the world, 105 metres

Silvia Bergomi al Ponte delle Guglie
me @ Ponte delle Guglie, Cannaregio, Venice

Rick Owens & Michele Lamy

Rick Owens & Michele Lamy

Nathaniel Mellors _Hippy Dialectics_ (Ourhouse), Padiglione Centrale, Giardini dell' Arsenale

Nathaniel Mellors "Hippy Dialectics" (Ourhouse), Padiglione Centrale, Giardini della Biennale

Lee Yongbeak, _The Love is gone but the Scar will Heal_, Padiglione Coreano, giardini della Biennale

Lee Yongbeak, "The Love is gone but the Scar will Heal", Korean Pavillon, Giardini della Biennale

Klara Lidén, _Untitled_ (Trashcan), Arsenale, Corderie_Artiglierie

Klara Lidén, "Untitled" (Trashcan), inside Arsenale, Corderie/Artiglierie

Principe Giovannelli al Bungalow 8

Prince Giovannelli @ Bungalow 8, Venice

Todosijevic Dragoljub Raša _Light and darkness of symbols_, Padiglione Serbo, giardini della Biennale

Todosijevic Dragoljub Raša "Light and darkness of symbols", Serbian Pavillon, Giardini della Biennale

Urs Fisher, _Untitled_, statua di cera, Arsenale Corderie_Artiglierie

Urs Fisher, "Untitled", waxwork, inside Arsenale, Corderie/Artiglierie

“Entre Siempre y Jamás”, entrata dell' IIla, Istituto Italo-Latino Americano, Arsenale, Corderie_Artiglierie

Entre Siempre y Jamás”, entrance of the IILA, Italian/Latin American Institute, inside Arsenale, Corderie/Artiglierie

Silvia Bergomi & Cindy Sherman

me & Cindy Sherman, inside Padiglione Centrale, Giardini della Biennale


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