Sonar Bercelona (Part 1)

as seen on grazia.it

Blue skies, windows and synthetic grass sorround the Spanish festivals of contemporary electronic.

The location of "Sonar de Dia" is the beautiful MACBA, "Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona". People dance barefoot on the green carpet that cover the ground in front of the main stage. I must admit that Sonar has been to me a very nice surprise event, almost intimate in some ways, nothing to do with the chaos I expected. Among the musical proposals, I definetly liked ones, while others well, what can I say? Not in my strings. But, if you add good vibes, sun and great Catalan food ...

My opening concert was Toro y Moi, stage name of Chazwick Bundick, twenty-five years old, native of South Carolina. Chaz brings on stage clear references to 'electropop from the 80s, mixed with synth, loops, samples and filtered voices.

Soon after, always at the Village Stadium, comes Floating Points with its amazing vinyls, officially entered in my favorite DJs list. Dj and producer, founder of Eglo, independent British indie label, Sam Shepherd has a 'classical and jazz music education, his father encouraged him to join a local choir as a child. Syrian, Indian, classical, jazz, house, dubstep, hip hop, soul... his sets include all of these genres, and even more. Herbie Hanckock, Fela Kuti, War, Chaka Kahn are some names that I could pick up during the live performance. A special mention, however, the real tribute, uncompromising fashionistas, who he gave to the genius of Gil Scott Heron, recently died, proposed in the full live version of "Home is Where the Hatred Is." We really danced!

"The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble" performs at the Sonar Dome, hosted by Red Bull. Daniel Brandt, German musician, winner of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006, began playing drums in rock bands, jazz and even classical orchestras. Then he started producing electronic music with his partner Jan Brauer. The meeting with the composer Paul Frick was decisive for the trio' creative process: Brandt Brauer Frick is a unique project, able to stage a techno / club sound, very appreciated in the contemporary scene. Their live involves a real jazz band, a harpist and a cellist included.

Short note for Sebastien Devaud, in art Agoria, with its mix of soft techno and dreamy house, and Atmosphere, american hip hop group, my soundtrack while I was looking around, comfortably lying in the shade of the trees.

Finally is the turn of Mtendere Mandowa, aka Teebs, able to enchant the audience with his avant-garde sound, rich of atmospheres. Often interspersed with environmental ' sounds, buzzing, wet ropes and strange percussion, the production of his pieces is impeccable, clearly inspired by the sound of Flying Lotus. Apparently Mtendere is also a painter .. I can imagine him, on the back of his Los Angeles house, enjoying a beer, with colors in his hand, some music from the stereo ...

To be continued...
on monday!

I am off to Glastonbury this weekend!

1.Whitney @ Sonar Dome

8.Teebs live @ Sonar Dome.

2..dancefloor @ Sonar de Dìa

3.Area Stampa del Sonar de Dìa

6.Calle Elisabets

11.free wifi @ Sonar Village.

7.Silvia Bergomi @ Sonar de Noche


Dhiana said...

wanna go to Barcelona even in my dreams...the scenery looks really great especially with that 4th and 5th photo....


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margaret cruzemark said...

Have fun in Glastonbury and we are waiting for comments and pics!!!

Luchi said...

It seemed to be a very hot contemporary electronic festival! I used to attempt Tiesto's festivals of electronic music. I can say these events are one of the best places to take street style dress photos! I enjoyed the look of fashion eyewear and heat on the Ladies, very amazing choices!

gothic victorian dresses said...

It looks so much fun!Love the great photos!

Duma makwin said...

Guys why are you waiting lets join with them commmmmmmmon..........don't waste time

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