Guest Wardrobe n°5: Elisa Liz Colonna

Liz is a stylist and a painter.
She owns a stationery store in which she collects repertoire Naj Olaeri pieces, stocks from the 80s and many others unique trinkets.
Based in Milan, she truly loves ceramic ornaments (especially if cats or pierrots)


What 's your favourite word?


Tell me an object of desire

Actually, a cat

Your perfect day?

Glimpse the sun from my window, have a real breakfast, then shower and make-up, at least 1 hour of youtube, flea markets tour, a coffee in the city center with a friend, finally supermarket (I love supermarkets!!!)

Describe your perfect job.

Professional majorette

A color?

Blue. I hate orange

An animal?

hahahaha, guess what!!

A recipe

Ice Violet, my favourite one!

Mix water and violet syrup in ice pop molds and enjoy.

What's your next project?

I'm writing a book about Milan, in which I describe my relationship with the city and his secret places, a sort of handmade diary.

Tell me about "Dischi Bellini"...What is that?

I'm working at this project with some friends. It's a label of Old School Electro, but we are not a bunch of revivalists.


What is the thing you miss the most from your childhood?

Free afternoons




Vintage is...

...a chance to have something that nobody has and, in some cases, smelly cheap clothes (which I personally adore!)

What' s your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

The pink summer dress

How is your everyday breakfast?

First of all coffee at home, then coffee at the bar. I often eat something on the tram.

What do you hate?


What do you love ?

Music, and the chance to share it

Your favourite place?


You can't resist to...?


10 songs:

- Trisomie 21 - the last song

- Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody

- Clio - Faces

- Do Piano - Again

- Laurie Anderson- O Superman

- Jasmine - Boing Boing

- The Beatles - a day in the life

- Radar - una splendida emicrania

- Khrisna Prema - un altro universo

- Propaganda - Duel

- Rah Band - Clouds across the moon

The best drink?

Shirley Temple (Grenadine Syrup, Ginger Ale, Lemonade)





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